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21st September 2018

Looking for some blood-pumping activities to get your heart racing?  Want to get into the great outdoors and push yourself to the limit? Sick of Netflix binging, social media scrawling and hanging out to feel alive?

These activities will satisfy the adrenaline junkie in you!

Scuba Diving

If you’re already certified, Melbourne has a heap of scuba hub that’ll take you to impressive dive sites for an underwater escape. Diving is addictive, leaving behind the trouble of the above-water world, finding yourself within a completely different universe. For those who want to get started but need training, make sure you go with a professional organisation – classes will likely take place in a pool until you master the basic techniques.

Surfing and Skim-Boarding

The Great Ocean Road is a surfer’s paradise. The landscape is incredible, the vibes are chill, and waves are regular. The Mornington Peninsula has some great surf beaches too.

Mountain Biking

Growing in popularity, this is a great workout and loads of fun. The hinterland, mountain roads and paths through the forests make for perfect natural bike tracks.


There are a number of skydiving companies in and around Melbourne. Your first jump will be tandem so you have nothing to fear as you jump out of flying plane. Falling to your perfect landing will be something not soon forgotten as you take in what is one of the most incredible views imaginable. Not to mention, a sensation craved by all real adrenaline junkies, soaring through the air, free as a bird.

Paragliding and Hang-Gliding

If skydiving isn’t your thing, get yourself in the air anyway. For a little more air time and scenic views, this is definitely the way to do it. You and your heartbeat will be soaring!

Kiteboarding, Windsurfing and Sailing

If you’re not a seasoned wind specialist you can get lessons! The surf coast and bays in Victoria all offer a picturesque setting and strong winds.

Rock Climbing

Nature provides the perfect place to chalk up those fingertips. We have some of the most popular rock climbing destinations in the world on our doorstep. There are also some good walls closer to the city, inside and out.


Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking

Oceans, bays, rivers and lakes are everywhere! Some offer white water rafting adventures for an action-packed day of snaking through the wilderness. Others are perfect for a paddle as you make your way through pristine watery terrain. So many water activities, so little time.


Skate culture is alive and well and there are heaps of cool skate parks around. So much fun to be had, even if it means scraping an elbow.

Horseback Riding

There are plenty of ranches where you can trot out on expeditions into deep forests, along pristine beaches and across mountain tops to find your inner pioneer.


Ripping around on an all-terrain-vehicle is so much fun and super challenging too. There are loads of places where you can go off road on dirt-filled paths to really give it some throttle.


This is the ultimate adventure for well-seasoned skiiers and snowboarders. Flying up to jaw-dropping, untouched, snowy peaks for the most heavenly intense descent will be one of the most memorable ski experiences of your lifetime.

Cliff Jumping

Nothing beats plummeting metres through the air into the water and there are quite a few epic spots to do just that. You have the choice of jumping from majestic waterfalls into deep swimming holes or tossing yourself from seaside cliffs. Either way, when you pop your head out of the water after the jump, the feeling of satisfaction is never finer.


Book into Live Wire Park for the ultimate zip-lining adventure! An adrenaline seeker’s dream, the Shockwave Zip Coaster is the most extreme zip line in Australia. The ultimate joy ride 525 metres long, the Shockwave Zip Coaster will pulse you forward at electrifying speed, with twists and turns, charged by the sheer force of gravity. Get ready for an outdoor adventure experience like no other.

Life is an adventure, don’t waste it!




8th September 2018

The one thing that we know for sure, is that just about everyone is afraid of something.

It might not necessarily be a deep-seated, mind-numbing, keep-you-awake-at-night kind of fear, but something that is unnerving, that holds you back and that you go to great pains to avoid.

It might be a fear of spiders, of snakes, of vaccinations, of chalk scraping on a blackboard or a fear of heights.

Of course there are adrenaline junkies who seem to have no fear at all, but even the most hardened adventurer may have something that they fear deep down inside, and that makes them squirm.

Knowing that everyone is afraid of something, the only difference between you and the successful people you admire is that they are willing to work on their fears, face them, and move forward.

Learning to face your fears gives you a mastery over them. It’s so liberating. If you don’t face your fears, they can can grip your mind, body and spirit.  They can wage a war against you. In time you even avoid social situations or work opportunities where you feel your fear may be exposed.  There is a way out. Once you understand what your fear is, and you face it, it shrinks, becomes meaningless, disappears, and is no longer a threat to your strength, and happiness.

Try these exercises from ‘Life Hack’ – simple, straight forward and insightful steps toward overcoming your fears:


Write down your fear/s. Think about their origin. How has the fear held you back in the past? Set aside time and without judgement, reflect on how and why this fear exists. When you write down your fear, it’s the first step in loosening its power.


Do the things that frighten you. Take one small step, then another. Action builds courage.  Tell yourself ‘this fear will pass’and ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’. Your world expands as your courage and willingness to let go expands.


Unclench your jaw, stop grinding your teeth, soften your forehead, open your fists and relax your hands, slow down your pounding heart, open your eyes and breathe. Learn to live in a relaxed state.


We are so quick to beat ourselves up when we fail, and so slow to celebrate our successes. Strengthen your belief in yourself by reflecting on each chapter of your life and every success you’ve experienced. Try starting as early as the age of five when your first memories should be strong. Write down when you first learned to read, to write, to ride a bike, to make friends. You’ll be inspired, motivated and surprised by how significant these small successes are.


Fear is an illusion. We make up frightening stories about our past, we worry about the future and we rehearse these thoughts over and over until we are paralysed by this fear. Our stories are often about a painful memory or trepidation or insecurity.  If we change the fearful stories we tell ourselves, the narrative changes too. You can find safety by learning to live in the moment. Replace old stories with positive expectations, and be present in the here and now.


Make fun of your fear – let the laughter rip! Try and see how silly it is to hold back, and give yourself the power to feel free.


Learn to think, speak and live as an abundant person. Stop paying attention to anything negative. Celebrate your life. Be generous. Give. Donate. Share.


Study the success stories of your heroes and those you admire.  Take note of their bold lifestyle, their risks taken and rewards received, and follow their path to greatness.


Focus your attention on being ready, willing and prepared for success, joy and good fortune. And awesome life awaits if you are willing to work and be open to it. You deserve the best – accept it.


Be a life long learner. Give it your all. Take action on what you learn. Fear fades in this positive environement or self-awakening and awareness.


Let go of the fear of looking stupid, feeling embarrassed or being ignored. No more fear of rejection or failure. Accept all of these things as a part of life. Get through it and get over it.


Be a good leader. Give openly and honestly. Take others with you on the ride. Help eachother move ahead.


Embrace life. Choose to stay present and breathe it all in. Be grateful for the varied landscape, hold onto your hat, and enjoy the ride.


26th August 2018

This time of year is super exciting!  Lorne is beautiful all year round of course – but as we near the end of winter, and we see signs of spring with blues skies and blossoms, our hearts to start to race just a little bit faster.

And….The Festival of Performing Arts (FOPA) returns!

Yes folks, from Thursday 30 August through to Sunday 2 September 2018, Lorne will be home to four days of sensational cabaret, comedy, music and magic.

The organisers – Lorne Community Arts & Culture Foundation (LCACF) had one fundamental purpose when they launched the event.  To improve the well-being of this regionally isolated community through the facilitation of dynamic, engaging and challenging arts experiences.

Their vision was to position Lorne as regional Victoria’s leading Arts destination through the development of a variety of world-class arts enterprises. And that’s exactly what they have done! FOPA has been successful in attracting in excess of 4,000 people to Lorne at an ‘off peak’ time when the town is usually only occupied by permanent residents.

Headlined by award-winning comedian Sammy J, the festival will feature comedy, cabaret, magic, music and roving entertainment.

Chair of the Festival Committee, Peter Spring, said “Locals and visitors will see Lorne at its best, with affordable entertainment for all ages, from shows for kids (that grown-ups will love) to shows for adults and a late-night piano bar,” he said. “It’s a great weekend away to enjoy Lorne.”

Tickets will sell out quick so advanced bookings are advised. Highlights:

Opening Gala, Cumberland Resort, Loutitt Bay Room, Fri 31 Aug, 7.30pm
Experience highlights of shows from across the festival in one extravaganza of music, magic, cabaret and comedy, hosted by the incomparable Sammy J. Featuring Nancy Sinatra: You Only Live Twice, Random, The Vegetable Plot, Trevor Jones and more.

The Sammy J Songbook, Cumberland Resort, Auditorium, Sat 1 Sep, 7.30pm
Comedian, author and songbird Sammy J is heading to Lorne with a bag full of songs and a heart full of love. He’s toured the world, won awards, and can currently be seen every Thursday night on ABC TV. Don’t miss this chance to spend an intimate evening with one of Australia’s favourite skinny men (second only to Mr Squiggle).

Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice, Cumberland Resort, Horizons Room, Sat 1 Sep, 6.00pm
Danielle O’Malley and band presents a sexy, sassy tribute to an icon of 60s pop – Miss Nancy Sinatra! With swinging hits like Something Stupid, Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), Summer Wine, Lightning’s Girl and These Boots are Made for Walkin’, plus a little gossip about dating Elvis and taking Ol’ Blue Eyes to parent/teacher night – this is guaranteed to be a perfect night out for 60s music fans and footwear-fetishists alike.

Random, Lorne Hotel, View Room, Sat 1 Sep, 8.45pm
Ditching the top hat and bunny for Tinder and beer, this is the hilariously modern magic show you didn’t know you needed. With his slew of sold out festival runs and over 20 million hits on social media, it’s easy to see why Dom Chambers has become the revolutionary new king of Australian magic.

The Vegetable Plot – Songs of Love and PeasCumberland Resort, Horizons Room, Sat 1 Sep, 2.30pm & Sun 2 Sep, 11.30am
Ever wondered what it would sound like if a bunch of vegetables was whooshed up out of the soil by aliens, transformed into musical superbeings, and sent back to earth on a mission of love and peas? Well then, it’s about thyme you found out! Let Aspara Gus, Ru Barb and Sir Paul McCarrotney teach you how to shake your stems, do the jumping bean and twist and sprout in this fresh, funky, award-winning live music show for kids, families, and foodies. Ideal for kids aged 3 to 6, but parents will love it too!

Acts of Absurdity – a circus, magic and comedy spectacular, Lorne Hotel, View Room, Sat 1 Sep, 11.30am
Performed by Varietyville, two ʻmust seeʼ artists of outrageously funny proportions combining their talents into one incredible show! Bite sized morsels of masterful magic, chaotic clowning, preposterous physical feats, musical mayhem, hilarious hi-jinks and much more. Starring award-winning, five-star internationally renowned physical comedian Daniel Oldaker aka “Dandyman” and the inimitable magic & comedy impresario Rani Huszar “Foxy Moron”. Suited to ages 6 and up, but enjoyed by grown-ups too.

Piano Bar, Lorne Central, Thu 30 Aug (8pm till late), Fri 31 Aug (9pm till late) and Sat 1 Sep (9.30pm till late)
Enjoy exciting piano bar entertainment by Australia’s most entertaining piano bar hosts. Thu and Fri features Trevor Jones who has thrilled audiences around the world with his encyclopedic repertoire of songs. On Sat, relish in the Oz tunes you love as Matthew Hadcraft delves into his vast catalogue of distinctly Australian songs.

FOPA Open Mic, Lorne Hotel, Beer Garden Sound Stage, Sun 2 Sep, from 1.00pm
The FOPA festival winds up with an open mic afternoon where you can strut your talents or sit back with lunch and a drink to enjoy the talent or terror of the brave souls stepping up to the microphone.

We’re thrilled to announce that dual ARIA award winning singer/songwriter Monique Brumby and her band will perform for the first time at FOPA. With 5 albums and 3 EPs recorded over 20+ years in Australia and the US, she will bring a wealth of repertoire to the newly installed Lorne Hotel outdoor sound stage on Sat 1 Sept, 3:30pm.


The bustling seaside town of Lorne has been attracting visitors since the late 1800s. The majestic surf beach, forest hinterland and boutique village atmosphere combine to create a very special holiday destination.

Lorne is located along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road Touring Route, two hours drive from Melbourne. Much of the main street overlooks the central surf beach of Louttit Bay and is surround by the stunning Great Otway National Park, home to the iconic Erskine Falls.


Book into Live Wire Park for electrifying adventures in the tree tops!

Dine in restaurants and cafes with fabulous views

Sit on the shore and watch the waves roll in

Head into the Great Otway National Park = walking trails let you wind through the forest along waterways, fern gullies, rock formations and waterfalls.

Picnic along the foreshore.

Hit the surf. You can hire a wetsuit and board from Lorne Surf Shop or HAH Café.

Grab your rod and tackle from Lorne Home Hardware and head to the pier.

Go shopping! Lorne’s boutique shopping strip has something for everyone!

Outdoor play keeps the doctor away!

10th August 2018

What did you used to do when you were growing up?

Backyard cricket?  Tadpole fishing?  Hide & Seek?  Walking to school, climbing trees, playing at the park?  We all know that life has changed for ever for today and tomorrow’s younger generation. From playing on iPads and game stations to watching television and working on computers, children seem to be spending more and more time indoors.

So what are the benefits for children playing outside, like the good old days?

– Creativity (outdoor play is great for encouraging children’s creativity – imaginations are often stimulated by the objects around them)

Health (with more room to play in children are more active when they’re outside which helps them to build strong bones and good fitness levels, burning off extra energy and calories. And sunshine, even in winter, means children naturally absorb vital vitamin D and breathe in fresh air)

– Learning (playing outside helps children to develop their learning abilities through play and interaction with others and the environment)

– Social skills (in outdoor spaces children naturally come out of their shells and become more social, playing together in games and activities, talking to different children and making new friends)

Well-being (the freedom outdoor play encourages children to get rid of built up energy, enabling them to become calmer and ultimately helping them to be more focused when in the classroom)

– Explore (outdoor play equipment has a little more risk than indoor toys, so encouraging children to try activities they might be a little afraid of, explore challenging play trails or complete outdoor challenges helps them to become more confident and self-assured)

Independence (in safe outdoor spaces children can find some freedom away from direct adult supervision. This helps them to learn independence when socially interacting with other children, as well as learning to play by themselves. They learn how to take turns playing games, to pick themselves up then they fall and to become independent and self-reliant)

So get your family together and explore the great outdoors!

Live Wire Park is the perfect place to reconnect, to explore and to challenge yourselves with loads of electrifying fun.

Your kids will love you for it!




28th July 2018

Recharge your employees’ batteries!

Power up your clients!

Get your colleagues’ pulses working in overdrive!

Treat them all to an electrifying day of outdoor adventuring at Live Wire Park.

We can energize your group with team building activities and create collaborative corporate packages to suit budgets, preferences and time frames. A day at Live Wire Park is the ultimate transforming group bonding experience and adrenaline-charged day out.

A corporate structure must be kept healthy in order to perform at its best.  When a team gets sluggish from burnout, disillusionment, disappointment or confusion in the workplace, a company’s stability will break down too and will be unable to fulfill its vision.

Outdoor team building activities are designed to refresh, rejuvenate, rebuild and re-energise so that targets can be set and reached effectively and whole-heartedly.  When a team shares a common goal, the goal becomes so much more achievable.

If you are thinking about or planning your next corporate team building session, look no further than Live Wire Park. The Super Circuit features 53 high intensity activities that can be completed in a two hour period. It will challenge the physical and mental abilities of the most seasoned high ropes lovers and test an individual’s endurance, agility and problem solving skills.  With tailored experiences for groups of up to 20, with multiple groups at a time, these high powered activities will get your team back on track and heading in the right direction.

What outdoor, adrenalin filled, action packed team building exercises can achieve:

Increased Productivity

Outdoor team building games enhance the overall productivity of a group.

Teamwork.  Trust.  Performance.

Improved Team Motivation

Activities for group development improve overall motivation.

Confidence. Participation. Appreciation.

Developing Problem Solving Skills

Action packed, super-charged activities promote critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Challenges. Innovation. Efficiency.

Promoting Creativity

Outdoor team building activities bring participants into a whole new setting, away from a stressful and familiar environment.

Collaboration. Integration. Results.

Getting to know eachother

Socialising and making friends in the workplace is one of the best ways to increase productivity in the office. Not only does it increase morale, it allows for the office to work more cohesively to solve everyday workplace issues.

Communication.  Socialisation. Celebration.

You know what they say – Together Everyone Achieves More!

First class accommodation and facilities are available within a few minutes of Live Wire Park.  The Cumberland Hotel and Mantra Hotel in Lorne can host large numbers for corporate conferences.